Esham 2001 Interview – Murder dog

The new album is mind-blowing.

Esham: Thanks dude we was working real hard on it.

Why did you decide to put your daughter on the album?

Esham: Well Um, she was hype, she wanted to get on there and shit. She ain’t never been to the studio. She was only 2 when we did that. She 3 now. I really don’t like to talk to much about my family though cuz I don’t want people to know shit like that. I guess I figured for all the people that kinda might have kids or might want some flavor like that.

“Envy Da sunshine” is different from anything you ever put out in the past.

Esham: It was just showing the versatility the way I can freak the style you know. I been knew I could prolly freak something like that. I just chose to do it on envy da sunshine. I was just talking about you chilling in the sunshine. Really, if you listen to the song, the song is about my heater. It talks about how I would love brighten up your day and I will take it riding up the block with me. I’m talking about Nina her favorite shape is a nine. It was really a combination of both saying like if you fuck with my daughter I’ll blow your ass away some shit like that. I tried to freak it a little bit.

There is a big difference between Mail Dominance and Tongues What mind frame were you in when you recorded Tongues compared to when you recorded Mail D.?

Esham: Most of my records that I record I already have the material like most od the material. Mail Dominance might have been like 2 years old before it actually hit the street. We prolly put it out in like 1999 but I was working on it in 1997. That’s kind of like the difference time frame wise. I’m coming from a 97 perspective and it’s coming out in 99. As opposed to this one it comes out in 2001, but I’ve been working on it since 2000, 1999 really. After Mail D I started working on it. The difference is the material. Mail Dominance was more or less some shit I was working on just trying 2 get a point across. The industry was mail dominated, just getting mail always using a hoe, the united states flag thing it was kind of like postage. It was way before anybody thought about using a flag, now everybody jump on the flag deal. I ain’t salty? No Yes I am. I ain’t gonna lie to you Brad, I be salty about shit like that. Tongues to me, I think that when I put records out everybody that’s inside the music business it might not be like selling a million, but whoever is involved with music they gonna pick my album up and they study it and then they turn around and do their own thing. And with tongues they was unable to do that because nobody knew how the shit was gonna becoming. Actually, Tongues is all new styles, original styles. Styles that nobody has ever heard before.

How is that you can switch your style up every single album. The albums are completely different yet all of them dope…how do you do that?

Esham: I think it’s the frustration of not being accepted by the industry Brad. I’m forced to change, because so many people bite. They bite previous ideas. They bite catalogue. Biting in the sense of people that put records out wouldn’t know what to say or have a style if it wasn’t for us putting records out. They have to listen to our record first and then they get ideas. They get inspired or whatever. Being that it happens to us all the time, I see it throughout the industry. Everytime we put a record out, I’m forced to change. It’s like bloodsuckers are sucking my blood like mosquitoes. These people have no guidance and from my frustration I’m forced to change like the chameleon.

I talked to you at the Detroit Music Awards in 1999 and you said that you were kind of disappointed with the response to the album. People were saying that it wasn’t hard enough. Did you feel like you had to make Tongues a harder album because of that?

Esham: Well more or less yeah. On mail Dominance, I admit the things that I was doing on record they were just I don’t know what it was, I just feel like I tried to not intensify as much on Mail D. I was like fuck it I’m just gonna give you all an album. I threw some hardcore shit on their but I’m not as hard as I can be. It’s like I toned it down a bit. Seeing if that was the reason mothafuckas was giving up so much flack or whatever. It did not happen how I wanted it to happen. You gotta realize even with Mail Dominance that record I still put that out by myself, as an indy. We still didn’t have a major distribution deal. I just put it out myself. I was slanging it off the hip. Shit didn’t happen to it the way I wanted it to happen so I re-evaluated it. I seen even with Mail Dominance though which I don’t think was one of my best records. I believe that Tongues is my best record, but even with Mail Dominance even thought it wasn’t as intense as some of my records are people still bit it. They were still able to come up with ideas and eat off of my ideas again. I was like fuck it. That’s why I changed up. I was like fuck it the wicket shit will never die. Even the people out now people are talking shit about my style just biting it you know, it’s crazy.

There has recently been an explosion of wicked rappers in Detroit and the internet what do you think about all those bands?

Esham: I think that’s great. I think it’s great when people get in the business and pay homage to those who came before them. I think it’s wack when somebody get in the business and bite my style, and then turn around and try to diss me with it. You can’t do that. How the fuck you gonna do that? How you gonna bite my shit and turn around and diss me with my own flavor?

You talking about Eminem?

Esham: I’m not talking about nobody in general. I’m talking about the people who’s doing it. I didn’t say anything. You said it. You know that they are doing it. I don’t fuck with them cats though. You haven’t really dissed a lot of people on wax. Why did you decide to come so hard on Eminem with this album? He’s a superbitch. I just wanna put it out there like that. He don’t know me I read some things he was talking shit about me. Thid guy don’t know me from a can of paint. All the sudden he talking shit about me like he knows me. How you gonna do that? I didn’t agree with some of the things he was doing. He make everybody look like bitches. Even dissing Insane Clown Posse, all of that shit we all from Detroit and shit the music scene isn’t nothing here it ain’t no music scene. For you to fucking come and try to diss the people down here that paved the way for you. It’s asinine. Your words have a negative effect on the community here. I’m just one of those dead voices coming back to haunt that cat.

I heard a rumor that some of the beef got started cuz you snatched a microphone out of Proof’s had at a concert. Is this true?

Esham: Yeah, cuz he’s a bitch. See what I’m saying now. There is really no story. The story is I used to help all these cats out. They are baffled and amazed about what we can do with the limited help that we get. These people they got big conglomerates and we basically out the trunk with our shit. They still amazed at what we doing that we have not blown our head off at this point. It ain’t even really no beef with me and those guys cuz those guys know what reality is. Reality is those guys will get crushed they will be smahed. Ain’t no question about it, if they wanted to be out of here they would be out of here. The point is mothafuckas got on and they got to talking shit like we on. It ain’t a big deal.

You were nationally distributing your product on an independent label with no distributors back in the day. Nobody has ever done this before or again. How did you do it?

Esham: We hustlas. We been hustling forever. That was part of our hustle. We are those cats that mad those cats wanna rap. You didn’t want to be a rapper before you heard Esham. Even Proof and all those guys they went to my high school. I was putting out records when I was 10 yrs old, see what I’m saying. I seen all those guys grow up. They never had no style, they never was fresh, they aint no gangsters, they not hard. They know I was in 9th grade driving mothafucking gold dippys to school on my car, on my mustang. I’ve always had that shit. I didn’t just get on. I’ve always had that shit. And these are the type of guys that ain’t never had shit. Then they get some taste of power and they don’t know how to act. With our hustle we put all that shit out there we put all that shit out there and we were just hustling. Wasn’t nobody giving us no chance. You got to remember that I’m black, and I’ll never forget that in this country dog I’ll never get that.

What happened with RLP? Why did you stop doing it?

Esham: It wasn’t like I stopped RLP just changed into Gothom. The style it evolved into what it is right now today. Certain circumstances and we had to change certain things.

Why isn’t your brother involved with Gothom and Gothom/Overcore?

Esham: Cuz he just secretly turned into a ninja and he’s on the road working and he’s gonna silence all the big mouth people that have anything negative to say about Esham. He doesn’t want to be seen. He’s still a part of what I do very much so.

Is Dead Boy gonna make an appearance on any records soon?

Esham: I have no idea. Rap is one thing but we deal in the Reel life. That’s why our shit was called Reel life. We deal in the real life every day situations and whatever whatnot and that’s just what the deal is.

What was the scene like when you got started?

Esham: There was no scene. Put it like this Eminem still lived in Kansas where he’s from. He’s not even from Detroit at that time. There was no scene. There was nothing. The radio nowadays they don’t play no Detroit artist. They just now started playing local artists when I said something about it on Dead Flowerz. They don’t even play em. They just play you like you some home grown bullshit. You’re the home grown bullshit. All the DJ’s in Detroit suck dick. They wanna be rappers. They want to be all the things that you are. They tend to unconsciously hate on everything that you do. You gotta realize, in other cities the culture is thick the culture is alive. The DJ’s that spin are part of the culture. These guys are just fans. They are not in the culture; they aren’t concerned with adding anything new to it. They are just concerned with their job, the I make fifty dollars a weekend type shit or whatever the fuck they do. Even in Detroit now there ain’t no Detroit scene of music. I don’t know why everybody keep fronting. Their aint no Detroit scene of music. I don’t know why everybody still fronting their ain’t no Detroit scene of music. Quit fronting their ain’t one. All the people that do got on or have got on they suck everybody dick around the country. They ain’t down with Detroit. I don’t care if you get Detroit tattooed on your face. They ain’t down they ain’t from Detroit…I mean come on.

Is that why you don’t hang out with any of other rappers in Detroit?

Esham: That’s not that. Somebody want me to kill them. I don’t want to kill anyone right now cuz I’m trying to do things. I don’t hang out cuz I can’t hang out. That’s the fucking irony to this shit. What I talk about is shit I been through, went through, seen or saw. Most mothafuckas just talk about shit that we talking about. They never ever even experience been through nothing. Most people got on talking about how they used to got their ass kicked. What type of shit is that? Detroit when they get their shit together It will be on. I think a lot of people have a false image of what Detroit is. Detroit is not trailer parks. There is not one trailer park in the city of Detroit. A trailer park does not exist in the city of Detroit.

What were you trying to say about Detroit 101?

Esham: Just kind of schooling them. If your all tell a story get it right. Get it right. There is a lot of journalists and I’m not talking about yourself. A lot of journalists their fans too. They tend to dickride instead of report the facts. Get the facts. Tell what the truth is. Somebody coming in telling a false sense of what Detroit is. A lot of people think Kid Rock is a rock n roller. He a mothafucking rapper. It’s all inside the politics of this fucked up business we in. Kid Rock they will call him a rocker on MTV and TV. If I go there, they will say you’re just an underground rapper. Even though my style has forged everything that Kid Rock and anybody else be doing. They wasn’t even rocking as hard as we were or ever been rocking. Kid Rock was having Too Short produce tracks for him. Now, Kid Rock won’t even say Too Short’s name. And he walks around wearing like rebel flags. Kid Rock would get his ass beat down where I’m from. That’s why he don’t come around there.

Are you and Kid Rock getting along anymore?

Esham: It’s not that we not getting along; it’s just that we play on different sides of the fence homeboy. Just Like me and eminem play on different sides of the fence.

I was disappointed that Kid Rock didn’t put you on his new cd.

Esham: Kid Rock used to come down to my mama’s house in the basement on Shaner and ask us how do we get records in the record store dog. He wanted us to show him how to distribute records. We actually even tried to help him. We were those kinda cats. I never was a hater dog. See what I’m saying now. When the world spin around and it be 360 and it go round in a circle it come back how these people really were and how they truly felt. Kid Rock he always been like a fucking racist. I’m not gonna lie Fuck It he a racist.

That’s strange that you say that because Violent J is always saying that.

Esham: Come on Violent J is a racist.

You think Violent J’s a racist too?

Esham: (laughs)Come on man he ain’t got no black people working for him.

Why did you finally put Violent J on an album?

Esham: Well because he finally stopped acting like a little punk (laughs) To be honest with you, and then not even that, you know that just sort of happened. We were talking and we were cool at some point. That guy he can’t stand the fact that he do black music and I’m black and when he look at somebody like me, he feel like he trying to be me. It’s a strange paradox that they’re in. He like that’s what he does though. He acts like that man. He straight up is 2 faced and all that shit.

Is that what you meant when you said “Treat you like Joe Bruce with 2 Faces” ?

Esham: I mean it just how I said it. Cuz he got 2 faces. He never take the paint off when I see him. Even when the fucking paint is off you know what I mean. He’s always got the fucking paint on running around like Jack Nicholson.

How did you feel about him saying that you were gonna sign with psychopathic and be on Dark Lotus? I remember Alex Abiss saying on the website that it’s 99.9% certain that Esham will be signing with us?

Esham: He talked that shit. To be honest with you, he can’t afford me. He talk all that shit like what I’m telling you. They’re down with Def Jam, Russel Simmons, Leo Racoan. I don’t give a fuck; It may say Island, but that shit is Def Jam. As far as me signing with them, I never signed with them. That was just some shit he was saying to hype some shit to get some rumors out here going cuz that’s how he do. He was just talking out the side of his neck.

Were you pissed about that?

Esham: I’m not pissed about it, but it’s just like he’s a bitch don’t say you gonna give me some pussy and when it’s time to fuck you be acting like a little hoe. It’s just like that. That’s how bitches act. I’m only saying this cuz shit’s the truth just like all of em. Just like Eminem wanted to be ICP deep down wanted to be Esham. His mothafucking name don’t even start with an E. I remember when Eminem first came out he was infinite. That was the wackest shit he couldn’t sell 200 of them discs. I mean come on.

You think he got the chainsaws and shit from House of Krazees and the lyrics are similar to yours?

Esham: He used to open up for the House of Krazees that’s what I’m saying. All this is back in my old neighborhood. Now House of Krazees, they used to run with that cat. It’s like I’m not even concerned about that. My whole thing is don’t try to diss me with my style. Don’t go out in the world asshole backwards and then just tell everybody I make wild music. Then on your new shit dissing everything we do but not saying we kind do the shit those guys do we kinda got this from them. He on some bullshit.

Proof was saying that the Goon Squad beat you down?

Esham: That’s his version. Let me tell you. I’ll tell you the story. I jumped on the stage actually I was at the concert they was opening up for Little Kim, it wasn’t even they show. He was onstage. He was like yeah E come up here cuz previously before that I had let them open up some shows. We were doing all type of shit no hassle. Y’all come on down do this damn thing, no hassle. This particular night, I jumped onstage and he was like come on stage it’s all good one love right. I get on stage, I grab the mic and say Esham in the house woo woo woo. Everybody in there cuz it was on the eastside everybody in there know me they like oh it’s all good right. So next think I know some of them cats got mad or some shit. They thought I was trying to upstage they shit. Proof was not actually in it. Somebody stole on me, hit me right. So I got to fighting with like 10 motherfuckers on stage. Stop the concert and everything it was one of them brawls. After that, it wasn’t even like Proof even did anything. It was a couple other people that I didn’t even see. It was some Goon Squad cats. Which after the shit went on, he had nothing to do with it, but on the streets he was like “Yeah I got a kick in” you know what I’m saying, little hoe ass shit like that but he wouldn’t say that shit to my face. He sucking Eminem dick so hard. Dickhandling on Eminem. He always been that type of cat since the 9th grade just sucking dick. He a faggot all them dudes in that group are faggots. I would never do a song with Elton John, come on or die my hair blonde.

How do you feel about fans that Like Esham and like Eminem?

Esham: I don’t care about that; you know people buy records. My thing is I sell records. If you like Eminem that’s cool, but that guy is gay taking dick in the ass fo’real. I mean he can front he can lie you know all those guys are gay they are the closest thing to the village people of rap your gonna get. They might as well just dress up like the indian, the bike rider you know what I mean and just be those cats cuz that shit is wack. That truly is their style that faggot style that ole I’m waking up with a guy on top of me shit. You hear me? Is it just me or is that some faggot shit?

I gotta be honest with you I do like Eminem I’m not gonna lie.

Esham: No, I’m not saying that. I did like him too. On his first album he was saying I’m a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy. That was like a compliment, I didn’t start disliking him until on the 2nd record when he said “I ain’t acid rap but I rap on acid”

Was that really a diss though?

Esham: I mean I felt like he shouldn’t say shit about my style. You know, don’t say shit. He was trying to diss me, but he so much of a hoe that he didn’t actually diss me on it cuz I know Proof and them posting shit on the internet acting like they tough. When he’s not it’s just all of that shit. To me he let Proof boost him up. Cuz you know Proof know me but he don’t know me. Proof went to school with me. He used to be like a dancer like Kid N Play like dancing and shit. That’s him, that’s Proof, he used to be doing all that fruit ass shit.

I wanted to ask you about Champtown he was talking shit about you but he was also saying that you used to beatbox for him is that true?

Esham: Yeah, that was true.

What happened between you and him?

Esham: He was a hoe he was talking some shit and I had to whoop his ass basically. But this was back in the day back in like 8th grade. He was talking some shit and I whooped his ass and that’s the end of it. After I whoop somebody’s ass I ain’t there friend. So fuck it so fuck him you know what I’m saying. Not even that he just wanna say something about me what type of shit is that. Yeah, he used to beatbox for me, I’ll whoop that guy ass, he ain’t never even put an album out talking some shit about me. I do a lot for the people in Detroit and they don’t even know it. It’s like I do something everybody in Detroit get on. The people that get on, they don’t come back and say well E been out there representing, E putting it down for us. Everybody come out have negative and bad shit to say about how they done had an encounter with me or that I’m such a bad guy or whatever. Everybody try to make themselves look better by putting me down. When it’s like how the fuck you gonna do that when mothafucka there wouldn’t be no raps no nothing. Y’all niggas wouldn’t even know how to rap if it wasn’t for me. You know what I’m saying? You wouldn’t even know what the fuck to talk about if it weren’t for me. And why you a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy I mean come on.

How did you feel in 1994 when MTV, The Source and other hip hop magazines started talking about “horrorcore” but they never mentioned your name?

Esham: It didn’t make me feel like shit. It just let me know about this wack ass industry. It’s so evil. It’s not like I want them to mention me when they say horrorcore, because I didn’t have shit to do with no horrorcore. Horrorcore is all them people who tried to bite my shit. Who tried to say that guy is over there doing some new and interesting shit let’s call it horrorcore, let’s bite it, try to patent it put a name on it. It ain’t horrorcore; It’s acid rap and it ain’t nothing new they be trying to say they made the shit up and then the people that are on top of that are some of the biggest names in rap music and they know me, they know me just like they know fucking Run Dmc mothafucka quit fronting. You try to bite my shit. Horrorcore is fictitious. This guy comes out with the wild shit, but my shit ain’t fictitious I’ll split your shit for real. I’m not fucking playing with you and that’s just the difference between my shit and somebody’s else’s shit. If they say mothafucka and then I say you mothafucka they gonna take my shit more serious. It’s only cuz a nigga black. I might say that but I’m black and I ain’t no dumb ass mothafucka. Mothafucka, I’m out here like the bald eagle, I’m an endangered species up in this bitch and I already know so it’s beyond music with me at this point. It’s always been since I was a little guy dog since I was a shorty you gotta imagine what me and my whole camp done been through just being little shorty’s dog you go to any 10 year old right now and I bet you they can’t do what we done did when we were 10 years fucking old. That’s what I’m saying about everybody. Even all people in Detroit I be like fuck em you’all mothafuckas know. Y’all mothafuckas is biting our shit disrespecting everything we done laid down. It’s like I started this wicked shit and that’s the mothafucking thanks I get. It ain’t even shit cuz I knew that all forms of rap would eventually fall off from Kid n Play style to gangsta style; they would eventually run out of shit to say. They keep saying the same thing. The next thing was acid rap was the extreme rap. It was just my style of music and I don’t care if anyone got on with it, but Don’t try to diss me or close no doors in my face that I done opened for you. And mothafuckas from Detroit trying to get in the rap game fuck you if you got some bad shit to say about Esham or Natas or anybody that I’m fucking with. Even Dice came out trying to diss me, but I did more for that nigga than his daddy did. It’s like mothafucka, your daddy fucked your mama had you and left y’all and ain’t never did shit for your bitch ass. You meet a young brother like myself willing to give yourself a chance, mothafucka I lost 60K on Dice.

I heard from Dice’s crew that RLP tried to sign Tupac back in the day?

Esham: No, see Dice don’t know what he’s talking about he shouldn’t say shit he should do what the fuck he doing, if he wanna make albums make albums. Mothafucka don’t even try be tripping like a mothafucka aint tried to put your shit out or give you a chance; I’m like nigga give me my 60K, mothafuckas get killed for 1000 dollars out here; you can split a mothafucka like that. What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that guy’s problem? To anybody out there though anybody anybody you know.

Were you trying to sign with Death Row back in the day?

Esham: Nope. Deathrow records, I used to talk to Suge. Big Suge was my boy still is. I wasn’t talking to Death Row to sign with Death Row I went to go talk to the boss; I don’t talk to the help. See that’s the difference between Esham and the next man; I’m talking to your boss as opposed to the help. It wasn’t nothing like that; Actually, I was getting on the chronic tour when all that was supposed to materialize. It didn’t but that was like one of the things that I was trying to do. You gotta remember Brad ain’t nobody out here trying to help Esham and Natas ain’t nobody trying to open doors for us. It’s for the simple fact that once we do get inside the door get where were supposed to be; it’s going to bring light to everything, it’s gonna make everything you thought was fresh seem wack. You know what I mean. That’s how they be “I’m not gonna tell nobody about this mothafucka cuz I bit his mothafucking style. My whole fucking steeze is this guy I’m this guy’s fucking shadow.” That’s basically what we going through. It just pisses me off. I fuck with it but not as intense as I used too because the shit is evil, it’s an evil business.

You know Esham I understand where your coming from because I used to write to every hip hop magazine about you and the Detroit scene and up until Murder Dog none of that shit got printed.

Esham: I know and I know exactly who you are cuz I used to read your shit Brad Sadler and it takes somebody like you with someone knowledge about some of that shit to even talk about cuz all these mothafuckas out here ain’t gonna say shit. You know E it pisses me off that you haven’t sold more. I like ICP but when they signed to Jive I was so shocked I always thought that Esham would be the first to go big. They scared of me man. Why are you so scared of Esham? Why y’all so scared of Esham? It’s like Me against the world in this mothafucka. I’m just one person Brad you understand that? I have the most records of the history of anybody recording a rap album. Nobody can ever do what I did in that short period of time. How the fuck did I do that? You can’t do that! I don’t give a fuck. I know people now are trying to do that, but you can’t do that. Even now at the rate I’m going, if I drop a album a year you’ll never ever be able to catch up to my catalogue never. I know this shit is true. We changed the music business. They didn’t even used to put fucking 20 records on the album they had like 12 and 11 You remember that shit? Dude, We changed all that shit. Even putting out albums like fuck it. We got drop anotha album anotha album. Where you think they got all that shit? Mothafuckas get the whole mothafucking story twisted, I don’t even like to talk about. There are so many lies out here that I be like damn this shit is evil. You mothafuckas are some lying ass bitches. For all the people that’s biting, talking negative shit about us they know deep down in they soul that that shit is gonna come to pass. Their judgment gonna come for real.

On Mr. Negativity were you dissing No Limit when you said “Soldiers always trying to bite something?”

Esham: No I mean like think about it.(laughs) Do soldiers always trying to bite something? Yeah. Well take it how you wanna take it. I don’t give a fuck about nobody in the music business man. Anybody got some shit to say to me come see me but pack a lunch mothafucka it’s gonna be a long day come see me I ain’t even tripping. Like I’m saying none of these cats trying to help me ,I don’t sit down for dinner with any of these bitch ass people. All they do is try to take take take take and I ain’t talking about nobody in particular but everybody. Everybody man, Fuck everybody up in that shit. Cuz they know Mothafuckas can’t think or nothing. Mind you, I know even with the rap rock shit I know that Run DMC did that shit with Aerosmith but Aerosmith is like 90 years old. Who gives a fuck? And then dude this my style man don’t even trip. I been mixing the Black Sabbath in with the hip hop. Right nobody did that before you. That’s what I’m saying and it’s crazy man it’s like fuck it dude.

What kind of frame of mind were you in when you made judgment day vol 1 and 2 back then?

Esham: Just being the hardest artist out there dog. Just being the one who did that and ain’t nobody ever do it. I was always into doing some shit your ass had never did before. I’ma take it where you never took it before. Now, rap you is only as big as your game as a rapper. If don’t have got no game you will start notice how some rappers say the same thing over and over and how that records sounded like the last record or whatever the fuck and that’s because they don’t have no game. The only way they get game is to hear some new shit. Damn his shit be sweet as hell like tomb raider of something and then biting the hell out of it you know what I’m saying? Getting ideas or whatever. I might put out a record called A-B-C and then this other atupid mothafucka might come out with some shit called D-E-F. It’s like what the fuck is wrong with you mothafuckas? And I just know man they uptight for ideas. I got a good idea for them anybody that bites should be killed, for real dog fo’real no mercy on em. And I know a lot of mothafuckas wanna go out like 2 Pac or whatever but mothafuckas can’t even touch that shit. A lot of mothafuckas wanna get they self killed. A lot of rappers out here trying to die. They don’t even deserve death. Death is an escape. Death is too good for you mothafucka. For real, I couldn’t even kill a lot of these bitch ass people . Death is too good for they bitch ass.

On the new album, you talk about the threat of Death a lot. Does it really follow you that much?

Esham: Think about this man; since we been 10 brother. You hear what I’m saying. Since I been 10 years old. You gotta realize I ain’t got no damn gatty in my house. Really we been taking care of ourselves since we were 6 or 7 dog. You take any 6 or 7 yr old and say man I’m a see if I see you in 15 years, a lot of mothafuckas wouldn’t be around. All the things that we have to go through all the doors that have been slammed in our face all the obstacles, all the hurdles, don’t nobody in Detroit in the bitch ass music scene right now got anything positive to say about us. Imagine if they ever saw us or it’s always been some drama. Niggas don’t wanna see me. No niggas out there fo’real I’m like if you all do come on! Niggas talk shit like they got a problem but they ain’t really got no fucking problems. It’s like that dog. Till the day I die it’s gonna be like that dog. Always, mothafuckas talking shit. Like right now, all of D-12 they just plotting to kill me. They like “we’re gonna kill him cuz we biting his style and we must kill him before somebody finds out” You know what I’m saying though. When I called their asses some faggots, they was calling up to our company saying they was gonna kill me and all this shit. I mean but first of all you know they aint gonna shit. You know what I’m saying. For a mothafucka that runs around with empty guns you ain’t gonna do shit. You know what I’m saying. You ain’t gonna do shit if you see your wife fucking somebody in the parking lot or kissing somebody or whatever you ain’t gonna do shit….. You know there so many bitch ass people in this business that’s just what I’m saying. They like shhh keep it a secret. Once this nigga get in there, it’s over for all of us, we all out of a job.

Do you see this album going platinum?

Esham: Shit I want It too man. I want it too. I see it doing a lot of good things, If I could read the future Brad I’d really be a bad mothafucka but I can’t. All I can do is sit back and chill, wait and do what I can do to help sell this mothafucka. Stay away from the suckas. Hope some good shit happens. You must remember, we are still an indy. We’re still an indy. Were not inside universal or that big monster or all those mothafuckas that want to lock up the music business and make it a monopoly. The music business has changed with in the last 5 years it ain’t as gravy as it used to be, for a lot of artists. Mothafuckas that was going platinum can’t even go platinum no more. It’s just a new crop of people out there. I believe that everybody even if they don’t have our records they familiar with the name and maybe when they do hear this tongues this will be the one that they really like cuz I like it, I think it’s the best one I did. I hope people enjoy it I did diss Eminem a lot but I’m like fuck him anyway somebody had to diss his bitch ass.

How’s the first single “All Night Every Day” doing?

Esham: It’s doing pretty cool. We just got it in the clubs we just started working all that shit though actually like about a month ago and we ain’t gonna really see the results until a couple months in.

Are you gonna do any instores to promote the album?

Esham: I don’t know, I don’t think so.

How come you don’t want to do that? Mastamind was saying that you don’t like interacting with people is that true?

Esham: Cuz I really don’t man. To be honest with you I just wanna make an album and if you buy it and if I made something on there that you can relate too and you like then bet, enjoy the music. Other than that I’m just getting on with my life I don’t want nobody really knowing shit about me. I might be standing right next to you and you might be talking some shit about Esham and get your ass shanked. A lot of people don’t even know what I look like dog. To be honest with you and that’s the beauty of it you know what I’m saying sometimes.

You used to do a lot of instores cuz I went to some back in Detroit.

Esham: We was a small company; we was trying to do whatever it took to pump the record up. And that was just a part of it. When I was involved in it hands on with record stores and shit like that, we got our hands dirty in every aspect of this business that’s why we worked on instores and shit like that. When I was involved with it I was like fuck it I gotta do it. I really don’t like to do it man. I’d rather do a concert or something and rock it and just be like bet this is for Y’all. Y’all paid, Y’all bought the album and the concert is just like a compliment to you buying the album. After that, I don’t feel like I owe nobody a conversation with me. Cuz sometimes I’m not really right in my right mind. I don’t want to snap on no mothafuckas and I ain’t got too. I really stay away from those type of situations cuz I know how I am.

When I met you at an instore were really cool back in 1994.

Esham: I mean you know it just depends you come at me sideways I’m a come at you sideways. If you straight up I’m a be straight up. I’m a person just like anybody else. I just happen to be making rap records. It ain’t shit. A fucking monkey can make a rap record. You know what I’m saying?

Yeah, but not as good as you make them.

Esham: I feel you. I feel you. Not only do I gotta make the record I gotta sell it. I gotta do 100 things myself nah fuck it 1000 things myself because I don’t have no help, and it’s not because I don’t want no help it’s because like I said most people are scared. They scared of the whole big persona that is that follows Esham. They don’t know how I’m gonna act, they don’t know how I’ma react to certain situations. They don’t know if they’re trying to pull a fast one on me if I’m gonna be able to see it. If I am able to see it and I am able to see a lot of things that a lot of rappers can’t see. It’s like my eyes I got the superman x-ray vision, so I can spot bullshit a mile away. It be like oh this is some bullshit. I think that’s what a lot of people are scared of, and then just basically they need to get these old farts up out the music business. Get the fuck up out the music business. All you old mothafuckas get out! You just over and done get the fuck out. If you old get the fuck out and if you ain’t talking about shit get the fuck out. You gotta spit some game add something to this shit don’t just be running off blabbering off at the mouth and thinking that shit is cool.

Are you involved with the signing of the other artists on Overcore like Dayton Family, Kool Keith and Heather Hunter?

Esham: I wanted them. I wanted all Dayton Family.

You guys go way back?

Esham: I mean like way back not like that. But like listening to they records and shit and being a fan of they music. I felt like that was a good thing. I was like fuck it let’s give these guys a shot. And that’s basically what it is, and we out here working together trying to make shit happen.

Are you gonna be on their albums?

Esham: I was on Ghetto E’s album but they be finishing that shit up and everybody be busy and shit like that. Most of those albums were already done. I didn’t have to do nothing. They got their own production They can bring it to the table all wrapped and packaged and all we have to do is put it out.

What about Kool Keith how did you meet up with him?

Esham: Kool Keith he just came to the table through some other shit and it all just worked out. We just made him a part of the family.

Were you a fan of his?

Esham: Yeah hell yeah. He’s got a lot of shit that Mathew record, Dr Doom, Kool Keith is large he been had shit out. A lot of people that I didn’t even know listen to Kool Keith listen to Kool Keith. Like he’s a guy that they don’t play on the radio you don’t hear him but if you go to some rave or some party 4 out of those kids are gonna have a Kool Keith record you know what I’m saying?

Yeah in a lot of ways your career and Keith’s career have been parallel. Kind of the same exactly.

Esham: Kool Keith was a good guy to get and his head was on straight. He wasn’t down with all that fake ass hollywood shit, he was on some real shit. We out trying to work that shit too.

Is he gonna stay with the label?

Esham: We just working it out and as far as I’m concerned everything is going good right now and Kool Keith is gonna be on the warped tour with us. Everything is good as of now.

D-12 is gonna be on the warped tour too is there gonna be any problems?

Esham: They not gonna be on the whole tour they only gonna be on a couple of dates. They not on the whole thing. It’s like this I don’t got shit to say to those guys. Those guys are calling up to the studio saying let’s squash this beef. I didn’t even know we had a beef. Don’t even be talking about having no beef cuz I ain’t got no beef cuz I’m a butcher you don’t want no beef. I got nothing to say to those guys. They can see me but if they come in my radius don’t come close to me. Don’t came in my radius. Don’t come trying to kiss my ass. They done did everything to me the damage is something you can’t reverse. You can’t reverse what you brought on your fucking self now. It’s like don’t fucking come with that shit. It’s like to me those guys be hiding anyway. I won’t even see him they’ll be hiding somemothafuckingwhere. Especially Proof, or should I say Deshaun Hoiten, Hoiten with his bitch ass. Proof know though man. Proof is such a bitch he’s like one of those guys that used to be down with you and then turns into a traitor. In the movies, Proof would be the first one to go (laughs). I’m just trying to let you know what kinda guy you dealing with. He’s just such a bitch man. He used to be down with Maurice Malone, and like he did some fouls shit with Maurice, and now he’s like a bitch like that. Those are the type of cats you see and they always talking about they got some shit coming out and then 3 years will go by and 3 years later they still got that same song you know what I’m saying working that same little angle they work. He’s a bitch like that.

Why did you decide to call out Eminem’s daughter on your record?

Esham: Well fuck Hailie how about that. Fuck Hailie and her Daddy now what? Bring it to me! Print that shit fuck it. Fuck Hailie, Fuck Kim and Fuck Eminem now what? Tell him to bring it to me he shouldn’t have managed that little bitch name fuck him. He think he can talk about everybody in the world and ain’t nobody gonna say shit about him fuck all of them now what?

In the song slipping out Amerikkka it has some islamic overtones to it…do you get down like that?

Esham: Well I know a lot of Muslims let’s put it like that. My name is Esham for crying out loud. So Slipping Out Amerikkka was just that I’m slipping out Amerikkka when I get the chance because um you guys don’t like black people.

Doubelieveingod or doubelieveinAllah?

Esham: Well, I can tell you like this. It’s not the fact that I believe in god, do god believe in me? Cuz if there was a god why the fuck would he let what happened to a race of people what happen. Back in the day, we were in pyramids, in streets paved in gold. Mothafuckas came over there stole us and gave us a bible. It’s hard for me to say one way or another. I hope that answers your question a little bit, but it’s like you can’t me with that shit when you mothafuckas stole us and don’t want to give us no retribution and don’t want to you know what I’m saying. It’s fucked up like that cuz if I was white I wouldn’t have to worry about that I wouldn’t even be thinking about that I’d be thinking like fuck it what’s wrong now? You guys are here.(laughs) Y’all be on some shit like that. Not all of y’all but some of y’all be like “What’s wrong I didn’t do it I wasn’t the ones who did the shit” but its like dude that’s just how it is here man. Aint no secret if I just be the only nigga in the world that said fuck this place cuz Y’all been like fuck us. Cuz I’m on that shit cuz with all of that shit. I feel like one person created that shit for some type of mind control. I’m just not down with that shit.

What’s the new Natas album “Godlike” gonna be like?

Esham: Well it’s gonna be all of god shit. For real, I have a vast knowledge on a lot of things. The new Natas album is called Godlike cuz that album is gonna get you the closest that you’ll ever be to what it is or you might think a god is. That’s why we calling it Godlike.

Recently, Overture started sending out stickers that said Natas is not Satan backwards but on closed casket and on multikkkillionaire you made references to the contrary that Natas was satan backwards like when TNT says “Natas is Satan I didn’t want to yell it” so which is it?

Esham: I dunno to make you say yes it is I guess. You know what I’m saying. Well Natas is Nation Ahead of Time and Space. Natas is not Satan backwards. You know I’m saying. We are not selling you satan we are selling you some people that are ahead of time and space that’s how we look at it. And then at the same time it’s just an advertisement Brad. It’s the way we were advertising. It’s just a sticker you know that’s it.

On the album it lists Esham and Santos as instrumentation for the album what kind of instruments were you using?

Esham: Shit, all the live shit, live guitars, live drums, basses I don’t think we have a sample on there. Everything was played.

What instruments did you specifically play?

Esham: Yeah it depends on what song you talking about. I played the rhythm everything.

You can play guitar and all that cuz a lot of people don’t know that?

Esham: Yeah. Hell Yeah.

Whatever happened to Zelah Williams?

Esham: Um the bitch got extra famous on me. The bitch blew up, but she didn’t blow up you know what mean? The bitch thought that she was mahogany. You know it’s like I get a bitch to sing the hook and she thinks she’s Diana Ross talking shit to me. I never fucked with her after that. I just did that one little thing with her and that was that and nobody knew her before then and it’s like and I don’t think nobody will know her after that other than asking me about her. But I don’t fuck with her anymore. Hoe she doing something but prolly she ain’t. You hear me? I got mothafucking ears. Mothafuckas be on some bullshit.

You were gonna put an album out by her right?

Esham: I was but like I said bitch got to tripping man she wasn’t down with the plan she had her own plans. Be down with the plan don’t have your own plans.

Jill O’neil she sang on your album is she like a new singer your trying to bring up?

Esham: Jill O Neil is a girl that has a beautiful voice she uh work with us at the office. She’s bad she’s gorgeous she’s pretty but I don’t think she wanna be in the music business like that. She just dropped that shit on the album she just blessed me with that shit. That was cool. If you knew somebody that could sing and I knew them and we talked and I was like well shit you sing this and she sung it we would prolly work and I would give everybody they credit. I gave her the credit she did sing that shit.

Are you gonna release Pill me as a single?

Esham: Shit I don’t know we’re leaning towards Sunshine song (Envy Da Sunshine) as the next single. I want that one to be a single too. I shot a video for that shit. I shot a video for Pill Me, I shot a video for I’m Dead. I’m a shoot a couple more videos. I’m gonna shoot like 10 videos and make a DVD. The videos are the same version as the song on the record. I’m just making um cuz I know they ain’t gonna play my shit on MTV or BET which is fucked up and I’m a black artist you know hat I’m saying. FUCK BET (laughs) That’s the fucked up part of doing what I do, I’m too fucking hardcore and I’m too fucking black for the black people. This is insane an insane paradox. You know what I mean?

Yeah, I feel you on that. How did you hook up with Heather Hunter?

Esham: Actually, Scott hooked it up. He hooked that up. She knew some friends of his and shit like that. She was doing this cartoon shit and I was trying to get plugged in with that. Like she’s doing like the Spawn cartoon look, she was trying to do something like that with bulletproof Diva and I was trying to get on that level with my shit or whatever. We politicked we talked about a few things and we actually went to go see her at a club in Canada, talked about it. She was down with that shit. She came in and you know I wrote the shit up for her she bust it and that was that.

You wrote that rap she busted on the album?

Esham: Yeah! She busted it and that was the shit I was like fuck it that was gonna be the single.

What do you think about the state of rap music today and where it’s headed?

Esham: Rap is changing into the shit that I do. You know what I’m saying? Believe it or not. You are gonna have to be really heavy mental, and that’s what Acid Rap is heavy mental. You gonna have to be talking about something. You gonna have to be saying something basically You gonna have saying and playing something. You just can’t fucking do it like they did it back in the day. You can’t say fuck and dick and bitch and sell a million no more. You know what I’m saying? The public is too desensitized to that shit. I think that’s the state of rap and just you know more artists biting the shit that we do. You know eventually their will be more real journalists, like yourself , that really want the facts as opposed to just putting out gibberish and all this bullshit ass rhetoric putting out the real true facts and shit like that and hopefully Detroit will blow up one day, not just the white artists. I’ll say that cuz all the white artists that blew up are racists, straight the fuck up!. From kid Rock to ICP and I’ll tell em all that. ICP, Kid Rock, Eminem are all racists. I remember Kid Rock said in an interview that he liked to think of Detroit as the white rap capital of the world. That’s what I’m saying. Why would he say that and he a rocker? He’s a racist man fuck that guy. Tell him to stick his rebel flag up his ass, his bitch ass.

Are you trying to get any of the singles played on MTV or BET or are you just assuming that they aren’t gonna play you shit?

Esham: I hit em off with my shit, but I’m telling you my shit is going to be some new style shit. My videos look and sound like my music you know what I’m saying? I’m shooting them all myself and I’m really perfecting my craft and now I can hit you with the video look alike tomb raider, and I did it all myself I don’t know if they’ll play it or not. I hope they will play my shit I wish that they would play my shit whenever we submit it. If they don’t. I’m not gonna cry about it. I’m gonna be like fuck them. They aren’t interested in putting new artists in and new music out there. Their just interested in running the little monopoly that they are running and their payola scams and schemes and shit. That’s the evil part of the business, if it was all good, anybody with good music should be able to get on MTV. If it work like they say, with people calling in and all that bullshit and playing what they want to see and hear cuz if the shit is wack people are not gonna call in and ask for it or vice versa and if it’s good people are gonna call in and ask for it, but they only playing like 7 videos so you know. I can’t even watch that shit anymore. That’s what I’m saying the shit is horrendous. What the fuck is that? That’s all apart of the business that I don’t like. I don’t do it for the MTV, I don’t do it for the BET and I don’t do it for the Radio. When I make it up, it’s so that somebody like yourself or anybody that appreciates the music when they hear it and says this music is badass cuz I’m like that. When I hear music like that new Eric Sherman record. I love that record. This is a bad ass record. Eric Sherman did that record. I ain’t hating on it in any kind of way not even cuz I’m in the business. A lot of people get it twisted there in the business. They taking things that they hear on records personally and shit like that. They just shouldn’t do that shit. They should just play that music. If it’s good music play it. If it’s not whatever you know what I mean.

How come Natas didn’t release a single for

Esham: Cuz see like when we make those records were not really looking to release a single cuz singles are for like radio. We just know man, we just know that the radio ain’t gonna play our shit. You from Detroit right?

Originally yeah.

Esham: Where you at now?


Esham: You know the DJ’s down here like Bushman, Spud they’re not about to spin no hardcore Natas shit. Even though you might like some of the things we’re saying and it’s not that shocking and not that hardcore as opposed to like a ludicruss record, a fantasy where he talking about fucking hoes all the time. They just won’t play our records man. I dunno that shit is so intense when they hear it. The things that were talking about, they’ve never heard anybody talk like us. Our slang is not the same. Were not coming with a down south bounce. Our shit is more or less like a kick you in the face, it’s like an explosion of shit. They don’t know really what to do with it so to me they’re not true. They’re that guy in there bumping that Kwame or something. They have like Kwame in the deck or like Darnell Jones or some shit (laughs) I’m not listening to no RandB records none of that. I’m straight up listening to underground hardcore shit and it’s like these cats think I’m that guy like they say “he’s gonna shoot the party up” Were not gonna have a good time if we play this record. Some records come on I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a club when one of them records come on and people get to wilding and shit those are our records. But they never get played on the radio. To me those are the best records. People are really listening to em and enjoying that shit. I dunno man but I do know cuz it’s all payola(the radio). I’m just gonna put it out there the radio accepts money(laughs) That’s why the play list is so short. It’s not an open door policy. Anybody just can’t get their record on there. Then you got all the major companies, the big conglomerates there the ones paying the radio keeping the radio in business so they gonna play those 7 records.

Have you tried alternative radio?

Esham: Dude Dude I can go to alternative radio but then I get like what you might not understand. I get the whole skin color thing see what I’m saying brother. For the black radio it’s too hard. For the alternative or even the white radio like they’ll look at us and they’ll hear our shit rocking with the guitar riffs and shit and they’ll look at it like this is not really rock or alternative it’s rap. Right, but then they’ll play Eminem or Kid Rock. Right, come on they got the right face for it. Kid Rock and Eminem know that’s why they get played. Kid Rock don’t do it as worse as Eminem. Eminem is down with the I’m white I’m white I’m white he might as well get a swastika tattooed on his back. Even with the new record how he’s dissing Fred Durst. I don’t see how he’s doing that even though he was in the all white club with Fred Durst we’re white we’re white and angry you know what I’m saying. Now you turn your back on Fred Durst that just shows what kind of bitch he really is. It’s just like come on YOU’RE A BITCH.

In the last interview with Murder Dog you were kinda going off on Limp Bizkit saying you were gonna diss them on the record. I didn’t hear any disses to Limp Bizkit when I listened to the album why did you decide not to diss them?

Esham: I’m not down with Limp Bizkit! I figured , I was just like fuck them. I didn’t like that they called their shit Chocolate Starfish and then put on Adidas and all that shit and run around. To me that was some type of subliminal shit. To me that was just like a subliminal message to me. I mean what the fuck was that all about? Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water. I don’t know anything about them. I don’t listen to them. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I was like fuck them. I just took it upon myself to be like fuck them, and I really didn’t have anything to say about them.

I wanted to ask you about the chorus for Devilshit(“Boy boy crazy boy got a rocket in my pocket”) did you get that from Westside story?

Esham: Oh yeah you know that straight up off of that.

Was there any symbolism with what’s happening in the movie when they say that shit?

Esham: Um not really I just liked the way they freaked it like that. In the Westside story, they did the boy and snapped their fingers and shit. I kinda like wanted to do that again but with a street vibe to it. I liked it you know when they freaked that. I got it when they said it you know what I’m saying? I felt like whoever heard it when I said it will get it like “boy boy crazy boy got a rocket in my pocket” You know what I’m talking about. I thought it was fresh when they did that. I thought it was mad fresh that you used that in the chorus.

Are you gonna sign anymore local artists from Detroit at all?

Esham: If I hear something that’s fresh and If I hear something that’s original. It’s very hard for someone to come up with something that’s original. If I hear that yeah definitely. I have not heard that yet. Everybody in Detroit is doing what we do.

I heard that back when House of Krazees was together you were looking to sign them?

Esham: No. No. I mean they all do they own thing. When you meet all these cats and they all be doing records and stuff, I see them in the streets too. For some of the cats, it wouldn’t be worth me to get involved. They wanna do it their self. Some of the cats, a lot of the cats, I know want to put their own record out. They wanna feel that whole experience. For a lot of the cats, I just let them do their own thing cuz they don’t really want nobody else involved. They might ask your opinion on something or whatever whatnot for the most part they wanna tough it out their self.

Are you happy with the way TVT is promoting and distributing your records?

Esham: Well, Yeah. Shit’s all over everywhere. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s going down, we gonna see. TVT is just our national distributor. Outside of that they don’t do nothing else for us.

Are you still looking to sign with a major?

Esham: I don’t know, to be honest with you the Natas is my last record.

It is?

Esham: Yeah


Esham: I’m just fed up I’m through with this business after this record. I wanna do what I really love to do (laughs) Cracking mothafuckas ass on the sly(laughs). Fuck it.

That’s gonna disappoint a lot of people that the Natas album is your last record.

Esham: Well you know like to all the fans and all the people that listen to our shit or listen to the wickedshit, listen to my homies icp shit, and you know I will call them my homies cuz he is my homey, they kinda racist, but he is my homey though. You know what I mean? He would never say nothing bad about my style. We might disagree on a lot of things, you know what I’m saying, cuz we come from 2 different backgrounds but we agree on the same thing, the wicked shit is the wicked shit and we all do that, so I will say my homies. For all the people that listen to all the shit that we do; Natas will be my last record man cuz it’s like fuck it man. Mothafuckas is like biting my shit. They got the Tommy Matolla money, you know what I’m saying and I’m sitting back here. Fuck it, I’m still ghetto fab.

What if your record blows up though?

Esham: I still think it will be my last record. Even if it blow up, if it sell 20 million albums tongues is my last record as Esham and Natas. That’s my last record on Natas Godlike and that will be it for me. I’m threw at that point. I might produce people maybe. I’m like really like hyped off of film and cinema right now.

What do you got in the works with film and cinema?

Esham: The first thing is like I said is that DVD thing I’m working on. After that, that’s when I’m really gonna step up my game in that market.

Is it gonna be like wicked horror films?

Esham: Aw hell yeah, you know that you know all of that. I got this one called 6 o clock but I don’t want to let it out the bag. It’s a trip I’m bring all that old school shit back. Old school mothafucking rawhead rex style.

What’s the movie 6 o clock gonna be about?

Esham: 6 o Clock is my movie it’s like everybody supposed to be in by 6 o clock anybody outside by 6 o clock get murdered basically yeah 6 o clock killing (laughs) It’s dope man like all that old skool shit. What I don’t want is all white people to think that I hate all white people cuz I don’t. I just don’t like fake white people. If your white be white, don’t be fake about it. Don’t be acting like your black or like that’s something cool cuz it’s not. I know a lot of white cats that are fresh at just being who they are. Cuz even on the record, I call Eminem a honkey which he is but you know I just don’t want other people that listen to my record to take it the wrong way because everything is just directed toward him cuz I think if your that type of white honkey your just as fake as a nigger a fake ass nigger out here that’s fake, fake about shit. Your not no gangster none of that. Don’t try to act like you are. Don’t come around real gangsters with that shit. Cuz you’ll get dealt with.

I never got the fact that you were racist from your records.

Esham: Right, but this just a fact one to grow on. Nobody that’s black can be a racist Brad. How can we be racists? It’s like we can’t be racists if we were racists we would be like killing every white person that we seen just on GD for just for the horrendous acts that happened to a nation of people. I mean that rides with me man, don’t think it don’t. It’s every day. I hate to bring up Eminem and we won’t talk about him no more but you know in that song I’m slim shady and he say “Y’all act like you never saw a white person before” who the fuck is y’all? To me that’s what I’m saying. He is the pale white horse that everyone is talking about. He is that trojan. He is that white guy trying to act like I’m down with the blacks and that’s my style, but secretly, you see what I’m saying now? But he secretly, subliminally pushing that whole white, white white. Their ain’t nothing wrong with it if you white but if you are doing that do that. Call it what it is. Don’t be fake about it. Don’t be no fake ass honkey like Kid Rock “I’ll wear the rebel flags but I won’t tell nobody about them, the black man. I’m gonna be down with Bob Seger now and fuck all those niggers down there in hood cuz I’ll never go down there. Esham yeah I know Esham but fuck him. Yeah those niggers tried to help me before but fuck em ” Don’t think I didn’t go to Kid Rock and say yo homey what’s up? Wouldn’t you do that if it was your homey? And be like Yo homey what’s up? Hook a brother up could you look out on a show or something? I done stepped to him. But to me, I know how he is I know what he down with and where’s he coming from.

He had no problem putting your name on his album, Early Morning Stoned Pimp when it came out.

Esham: No, before he had to deal with Atlantic. He had no problem with it then did he.

Did he even ask your permission to put that song on his record?

Esham: Man come on dog come on man. You think he did?

No I don’t.

Esham: Nah he didn’t. It aint even no big deal and that ain’t even the record that blew up for him. Even he a little was kinda biting my style on Devil Without A Cause. You know what I’m saying? The stuff we laid down like if somebody be like Detroit right then they be talking that devil shit that wicked shit. He told me even himself had to go there with it to get on. But he the same guy like I’m saying wouldn’t come on we could call him right now (laughs) and he wouldn’t do you know what I’m saying? He wouldn’t do shit.

I was hoping he would put you on his new album or something like that

Esham: Nah and then you know what I wrote songs for him. I wrote all of You Don’t Know Me all of that I wrote that. He didn’t even give me no credit cuz he a bitch like that. He’s a real superbitch and he know it. That’s why I think, We’ll see what his new record sound like but I guarantee it’s gonna be some garbage. I don’t think he’s even gonna be doing rap anymore. I mean he can’t. He can’t rap now. He’ll fake it off and put some rap on there but he’s gonna come trying to sing some mothafucking songs cuz he know he couldn’t survive as a rapper. His career was done.

I hear ya. I think that’s about it man.

Esham: Well I hope some of the things I said just put a lot of other shit in perspective for you. They told me you was doing the interview I was like bet I’ll do this one. I appreciate you doing the interview Brad.

Well man I’ve been a fan since 1992 and I love the new album it’s dope and I’m hoping shit blows up for you.


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