The REAL Review: Esham – Sacrificial Lambz

The REAL Review-
Eshams newest album, Sacrificial Lambz, was released this past year. Also, the past year or couple years, alot has changed in the “acid rap” world. Natas troubles, Moebadis disappearing somewhat, rumors of beef between certain people, countless project delays, puttin over guys that alot of ppl say are not that good, etc. But nontheless, we have a new official Esham LP. Ill admit, i was pretty hyped to hear this new one.

First thing i noticed was 27 tracks. Hopefully 27 tracks of pure destruction. I popped it in and played completely through. Started off pretty good. This was my first time hearing all of these tracks except for “Waterhose” I will take back what i said bout his flow being so lazy, and using so much recycled lines, because this album wasnt really as much like that. A stand out track i liked was “Stay On Ya Toes” with Mastamind. I would say more but i really liked alot of them, almost all of them.

Bottom line: The production was good and the content overall was decent. Better album than Repentance, and A1-Yola in my opinion. Only thing is some tracks could have had better beats and better rapping, the shortness of most of them was taking away a lil from the bangers that some of them were. If i enjoy a bangin ass song, it sucks that its over in under or about 2 minutes. But this album did show Esham still has it; when he wants to have it.

Pros: Good tracks, good production, alot of these new guys werent on the album
Cons: had a sampler feel somewhat, due to shortness of most the songs, could have used some more bangers
Is it just me or: Does “Dont Give Up” sounds too similar to “Smiley Faces” off of A1?

4 stars out of 5

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