Dice – Theneighborhoodshittalka

dice the neighborhoodshittalka
another classic album from the rapper dice
dice the neighborhoodshittalka

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Dice – Theneighborhoodshittalka
Reel Life Productions
April 24, 1996

Tracks like “Rainz Itz Pourz,” “Whatitbelike,” and “They Fucked Up” show how good Dice’s lyrics are. Esham even makes an appearance on “Poemz” and is tight as always.

1. Rainz itz pourz [Esham]
2. The life dat I lived [Maji]
3. Whatitbelike [Esham]
4. Gettin’ high [Esham]
5. They fucked up [Esham]
6. Welcome 2 my geto [Maji]
7. Imma gangsta [Esham]
8. Funny how people change [Esham]
9. Growing up as a kid [Esham]
10. Poemz – w/Esham, Raazaq [Esham]
11. Everydog [Esham]
12. Behind bars [Maji]
13. They murdered my brother [Esham]
14. Lonely ruthless [Esham]
15. Theneighborhoodshittalka [Esham]

This is a very good cd and is going to appeal to fans of Esham.


One response to “Dice – Theneighborhoodshittalka

  1. Shaun Holnagel

    I just want to know where to purchase a copy of the Dice CD Theneighborhoodshittalka. I’ve been looking for a copy for three years. I listened to it in High School in the mid nighties, with Esham and Natas. Still have the original case I bought the first version with. I cannot find the CD for the life of me though. Does someone have one for sale that’s not to overpriced (I know it’s rare). Let me know please.
    My email address is holnagels@yahoo.com Thanks

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