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What do you say about a brother who is the father of two young children but describes himself as “the neighborhood shit-talker?” Do you call him confused? Do you call characterize him as an opportunist, another brother with manufactured street credentials? Well, if you’re going to say something negative about Robert “Dice” Boyd. it is best that you first understand the string of words from which the acronym “Dice” derives: “Destroyed in a Colored environment.”

With three CD’s and the video Hold On (to My Bumper) to his credit*, Dice has managed to use music as his sole means of support since the ’90’s. Now, poised to release Son of a Junkie and his namesake Destroyed in a Colored Environment later this year, Detroit’s rap impresario asserts that although he considers himself “a conscious brother,” these CDs solidify his connection to his “grimy, underground root.” while the first CD recounts his life as a young hustler and the son of a crack addict, the second poses the questions “How did Black people wind up this way? How did the Black Community up so oppressed that we have been systematically destroyed?” Recognizing that these are no easily answered questions, he hopes to spark discussion and debate by laying them out for his community to see. This is why he has “a lot of respect” for the “independent niggas, the street niggas who have messages (in their music).”

A prolific writer, as evidenced in the numerous songs he has penned in such a short period of time, it is worth noting that Dice is also a producer and, along with his band mate Essynze, the co-owner of Bighead Records. While these accomplishments are important to him, there is one longing that he cannot seem to escape: The need to be heard. This is why he considers himself a rapper first. Having traveled across the country over they years, he is very aware of the potency of his lyrics and his ability to “rock the house.” He elaborates: “In ’93, I had the opportunity to play the Latin Quarter (in Detroit) with Rakim (of Eric B. and Rakim). I was a young nigga then, but I knew before I stepped out of high school that I was already there, that this is what I
learned to do.”

As for his band mates, Dice states that if the people of the music industry – those with the power, influence, and connections – really listen to them, either as individual artists or collectively, “our camp will put a nice little dent (in the music world).” Such a statement shows his commitment to the whole (the group) as opposed to its parts (individual members). To join him, if one member gets on, they will all be on. The ultimate goal? ‘Take it to the top.”

*The 40 made me do it (1992)
The neighborhood Shit-Talker (1997)
Black Monday (2002)
Drug Abuse (2998)

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  2. Hey don’t miss Dice the Neighborhood Shit Talka tonight on The Shit That Irks Me! It goes down 7:06 PM. PST. Log on to and hit one of the listen live links on the page!

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