The Moving Forward Tour – July Dates

new album Moving Forward (featuring Esham, Claas, Neema, Knothead, & More),HAS A TOUR FEAT Knothead. Below are the dates, if one is near you, you should come check it out.

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7.04.08 *FREE – ALL AGES* The Boiler Room – Port Townsend, WA – (Early Show: 5 pm)
(with guests: Livid Undead, Sik Nikolas, Stabbin Hobo, Zipp Locc)

7.04.08 *21+* @ The Roadhouse – Port Townsend, WA – (Late Show: 10 pm)
(with guests: Jay Barz, Sawchosiz, Sik Nikolas, Livid Undead, Stabbin Hobo, DJ Style E)

7.05.08 *ALL AGES* The Blvd – Spokane, WA
(with guests: The Have-Nots, Livid Undead, Sik Nikolas, Wattz House Records, Freetime Synthetic)

7.08.08 *18 & Over* The Red Sea – Minneapolis, MN
(with guests: Professor Fresh, 1812 Records)

7.11.08 *ALL AGES*- I-Rock Nightclub – Detroit, MI
(with guests: King Gordy, Lyssa Cer, Demonic, Malicious Intent)

7.12.08 *ALL AGES*- The Agora Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
(with guests: R.I.A., Tony Sinister, Injektion XL, Scheme D, Kukee Carnage)

7.13.08 *ALL AGES*- Venue TBA – Rochester, NY
(with guests: Malicious Intent, Dizzy Stardust, E-Pox)

7.15.08 *18 and over* Tammany Hall – Worcester, MA
(with guests: B’ Loco, Dizzy Stardust, E-Pox, Malicious Intent, Angelz of Death)

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One response to “The Moving Forward Tour – July Dates

  1. Kudos from one braniac to another. 🙂

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