Sacrificial Lambz Tour Update

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5.15.08 Sacrificial Lambz Tour Update

What’s the deal, Acid Tongue checking in live from the Sacrificial Lambz Tour and we’re in Vegas at the Bellagio after the craziest weekend imaginable in Los Angeles. First, I want to shot out each and everyone in Seattle, Portland and LA who came out and showed mad love, hospitality and support on the west coast. Much props to extended fam Kagah and his crew who jumped on all 3 dates and ripped some quality wicket shit in between supreme smoke sessions of that cali good!

Tomorrow, we’re upping the ante on the tour with head slamming stops beginning at the Cell Block in Mesa and then on to The Compound in Albuquerque, Cervantes in Denver and The Parrish Room in Austin. This is a royal opportunity to check out Esham ripping through a barrage of Reel Life classics like you’ve never heard plus he’s been surprising each show with different cuts from Sacrificial Lambz. Substance Abuse is one of those tracks and we’re shooting a video for it right now in Vegas.

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